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The best GPS monitoring solution

  • For Fleet management
  • For improving quality of work
  • For reducing expenses

Create control from chaos

Access from anywehere

Connect to the fastest web-based gps monitoring system, from anywhere where there's internet connection. Simple and intuitive interface which allows easy usage from the first second you log in.

Detailed maps

High resolution satellite and vector maps for detailed monitoring and control from anywhere and anytime.

Smart charts

Notice changes in tendencies in groups, divisions or in the whole fleet. Easily check progress status and fleet efficiency to achieve and maintain high quality of work.


Starting from day one you get the ability to control and improve fleet's quality of work. Details that were unnoticeable before , now allow you to quickly react to changes and make decisions accord to the data.

Monitoring and management all in one system


GPSControl mobile app features


High quality map with smart group function and useful details make up an easy to use and advanced tool for monitoring live status and activity of every device.


Easy to understand charts about every aspect of your fleet.


You will be receiving notifications about alerts the you have predefined in your system, allowing you to monitor your fleet even without a computer.


GPSControl doesn't only provide live data, you will be able to view history of routes your vehicle has taken. Route history can be viewed on map as well as in reports, allowing you to objectively analyze your fleet status.




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a month per tracker

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a month per tracker

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