Temperature sensors

Device that monitors temperature inside of your vehicle and/or the vehicle's freezer

Wired sensor

  • Installation requires wiring
  • Temperature control (From −55°C To +125 °C )
  • Data transfer accuracy
  • Depends on the as the source of electricity
  • Hard installation process

Driver's identification

Sensor allows you to determine who drove the vehicle and when, thus giving you the ability to monitor employees schedule


Driver is identified using a special key with an unique code

  • Monitor vehicle usage duration
  • Detailed reports
  • Compact
  • Low price
  • Need to buy a key

RFID - Reader

Drivers is identified using company's card with an unique code

  • Universal cards
  • Sound and light indicators
  • Higher price

Door sensor

The door sensors record door opening and closing events, which are transmitted to the monitoring system. The device is easily installed, is reliable, and is often used for monitoring opening-closing events in refrigerated semi-trailers. The door sensors are perfectly adapted for the protection of cargo against third party actions and natural forces.