GPS Control

Fleet depreciation

Corporate fleet is not considered as luxury matter anymore. It’s hard to image companies’ daily routine nowadays without it. Fleet managing is usually accompanied by series of difficulties. What should we do to solve current problems and how to manage it properly?

In general, fleet team should be consisted of manager, purchasing manager, accountant and dispatcher. Mostly, companies don’t have enough recourses to analyze main principles, since the managing of fleet does not end up with purchasing of vehicles - this is just the beginning.

It’s necessary to control servicing, to purchase fuel and lubricants on time, to determine costs of selling the vehicles. All those actions are required to be done synchronously. Except of nuances mentioned above, we should tell that organized fleet deeply effects on company’s reputation.

First of all, it’s necessary to make report for detailed costs for each vehicle. According to our calculations 70% of the car park's costs come from fuel costs, 10% from spare parts, 5% from insurance, and another 5% comes from various costs, such as car washing, registration and etc.   

For manager, it’s also very important to analyze car fleet depreciation, as far as by timely selling of vehicle you can avoid extra costs.

There is some important aspect below on which manager should be oriented to:

  1. Unify

Rational classification of vehicles according to similarity is required. It’s very important In spite of classification process duration, because this type of classification allows not only maintaining company’s reputation, but also saves lot of money.


  1. Repairing

Some of companies requires vehicle care from employees, who use the car. In this case, if company needs independently control repair and maintenance costs, it would be best to use specialized service.


  1. Operating costs

Operating costs are significant part of budget. So, it is necessary to pay attention to this issue at the strategic level.


  1. Service

It’s about services which are included to vehicle while you are buying it. It is important for manager to knows exact the list and costs of such services in order to identify potential savings for the company in terms of these costs.


  1. Development strategy

For well-organized fleet it’s important to determine and formulate the strategy. In other words, strategy is a corporate policy towards automobiles and a set of principles for fleet working.


  1. Manager’s duties

All processes related to operate car fleet are under control of manager, such as technical services, insurance, consulting, financial institutions, etc.

Constant control of fleet costs is one of the main aspects for undisturbed operation.

For such modern control we can loudly consider GPSCONTROL for fleet monitoring. This system helps companies to solve stuff working, fuel monitoring and lots of issues.

Besides, this system can be integrated with various accounting programs, which allows organizations to introduce electronic document production.