GPS Control

What should we expect from Fleet tracking system in 2020?

Fleet tracking system for vehicles continues growing in order to increase productivity and to reduce costs for both –large and small businesses.

Furthermore, most of enterprises who invested their money in monitoring system, were able to compensate expenses not after 2 or 3 years, but in 3 months.

In last year’s Fleet tracking system became more than just vehicle monitoring or mileage counting…

According to 2019 statistics devices were installed with additional modules, which is 13% more than it was in 2018. Different kind of modules are used in various spheres, in order to increase their working efficiency and safety. Suppliers use temperature sensors to know how long their freight was at certain temperature, if the refrigerator was turned on or turned off and so on…

It’s also noteworthy, that cash collection companies use alarm buttons and immobilizers successfully.

In 2019 we started to install driver verification systems. With help of this device companies are able to see how many routes were done by driver, how long driver was driving the vehicle and who was the driver, during the traffic infraction.

As far as we are one of the most important VIP partners of TELTONIKA UAB, we always watch telematics market development in Europe and in America. According to these researches we implement new opportunities on Georgian market.

If we foresee nowadays installations, we suggest that quantity of CAN readers will be significantly increased in 2020. (CAN reader is a device which can read full information from board computer); this device allows companies to control fuel costs and to control driving manners.

On-board computer provide company with full information about engine working style, which allows special equipment owners to calculate real moto hours.

Number of connected vehicles and various solutions for them are being increased annually. We suggest that by the end of 2020, 60% of installation will be implemented by adding additional modules, such as: CAN devices, driver card readers, temperature sensors and engine controls.