GPS Control

How to keep frozen product transportation under control

Summertime is accompanied by series of problems for companies which distributes products that are under impact of high temperature. Strict control of temperature is required for many kinds of products, such as it: medicines, explosives or perishable food products. For such kind of product transportation process our company use special solution by using digital temperature sensors.

Realtime temperature monitoring

Freight section monitoring during transportation is carried out with temperature control via GPS terminal and  1-Wire temperature sensor that are connected to it via digital interface.

Sensor detects temperature from -55 ° С to + 80 ° С with high accuracy (half a degree). This data along with navigation information is being transmitted in real-time through GSM network in GPSControl data center. The system continuously monitors temperature and provides wide range of possibilities for remote monitoring:

  • Temperature control in real mode
  • Showing history data on diagram
  • Showing all data in tabular with putting minimum and maximum values in it.
  • Showing all temperature measuring for accurate storage mode.

Temperature reporting will allow you to determine number of alarms, durations and locations…

With this report you will able to determine:

  • All alarming in given period
  • Status of sensors at the beginning and at the end of the period
  • Where and when alarm was detected and when the situation was normalized
  • Exact location of detected alarms
  • Report also allows you to determine shift beginning time, in which wrong temperate mode was detected.

Features of GPSControl provides all necessary tools for organized working. System and data for costumer are available by using web browser or mobile application. Our developers are always ready to add all necessary functionality and provide API methods for integrating with your corporate applications.

 You can contact us immediately and our managers will be glad to provide you with detailed presentation about temperature controlling functionality and monitoring of GPS movement.