Alerts and messages

GPSControl allows different kinds of monitoring which is based on trackers location and predefined set of rules breaking of which will trigger an alert. We call those sets of rules alerts. Creating an alert allows you to link specific limitations and rules to a chosen device.

Our alarm system consists of 15 different types of alarms:

  1. Digital IO
  2. Nearing/Departure object
  3. Enter/Exit geofence
  4. Stop near object
  5. Stop in geofence
  6. Speeding in geofence
  7. Vehicle stop
  8. Speed Limit
  9. Idling with turned on engine
  10. Movement with motor off
  11. Button alert
  12. Temperature alert
  13. Device movement
  14. Parking near object
  15. Parking in geofence

While adding a new alert you will be able to:

  • Specify which vehicles can trigger the alert.

  • Specify details for the alert, like the name by which the alert will be shown. Configuration pages may vary for different kinds of alerts.

  • Choose whether or not triggering the alert will also trigger an alarm sound and a popup dialog. And specify phone numbers or emails which will recieve a text message or an email whenever the alarm is triggered.

  • Specify users who must recieve this alert. In case you want the alert displayed to everyone except you, leave your name unchecked , which is at the top of the list .

  • Specify a period of time when the alert can be triggered, there can be mutliple periods but leaving period empty will result in alarm being triggered independent from time.

Whenever a predefined rule is broken, an alert is activated, once it's activated specified users will be notified via before specified ways whether it's email, text message or just an alert in GPSControl.